IRB Rugby Sevens

29 05 2007
Chris, Sash, Me, Nathan, Steve

Rugby Sevens crew (L to R): Chris, Sash, Me, Nathan, Steve

Take one international sports event, add six dashing young men in costumes, a lot of drinking, and what you have is a recipe for total madness.

Sunday was the IRB Rugby Sevens, my esteemed associates and I donned various costumes and headed along. Our crew consisted of a Priest, a Convict, a Pig, Shrek, and Elvis representing all that is good and true about New Zealand. My claim to fame is that I, dressed as Elvis, was approached by the BBC to do a spot on TV, so the commentator did his lines, then they cut to me singing “It’s now or never” (classic Elvis), also Chris (the Priest), and I were on the big screen at the match, which also happened to be televised across our great land. New Zealand also won the event, go team.

Easily the funniest day ever, and we had people coming to take photos with us all over the place – I feel like a bonafide celebrity, heh. Got some great photos, check out the link:




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