Travel Dispatch: Pisa, Pizza and Penises

13 02 2008

We’re in Florence at the moment, and I’ve finally relaxed in to this whole travel gig again. For whatever reason it always takes me about a week to get to the point where I’m just chilled and enjoying whats going on around me, free from the constant feeling of needing to be doing something of importance.

My sister Lisa and I haven’t even been close to squabbling once today, a rarity so far on this trip, and in fact it’s actually been a really fun day; I think we’ve finally found our travel groove together and we’ve got a good few weeks ahead. Bought myself a sweet black fedora hat at the markets before and together with my blue scarf I look like an art critic, or perhaps a wine snob, I haven’t figured out which. Nevertheless, either way, it’s quite appropriate considering I’m spending much of my days surveying frescos and sculptures, and my evenings sampling the many fine vinos from this fair land.

It’s been kind of weird retracing the steps I made through Italy a few years ago, I’m pretty sure Lisa is sick of me saying “I remember this from when Russell and I were here”, but I’m sick of her saying “I need to use the bathroom” every five seconds too, so I think it’s a push. After we depart Venice our path deviates from the one Mr Page-wood and I followed in 2005 and we’re going to push north in to Austria before swinging up to Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. We’re going skiing for a few days in Innsbruck too, only €35 a day for a lift pass so it won’t be too expensive to spend a few days face down in the snow with my skis twisted above my head.

Went out to Pisa today so we could the obligatory picture of Lisa holding up the tower, but after we got the shot we felt at a bit of a loose end considering Pisa is remarkably dull, so we bought an ice cream (almond Magnum – yum!) and pointlessly meandered around for a bit trying to justify the two hour return trip to get there. As we strolled along we came across these little girls were playing “shadow tag”, after watching them frantically chasing each other around trying to get their shadows to touch each other and in lieu of anything better to do, Lisa and I thought we’d give it a try too, much to the mirth of the scores of black men try to flog counterfeit Versache hand bags to the tourists. You’ll pleased to know I was victorious after tagging Lisa and then running in to the shadow cast by the buildings. Man I’m so dastardly clever sometimes.

Went to see Michelangelo’s David this afternoon, man it’s huge, although I couldn’t help but notice despite his size he has the tiniest penis – even his thumbs are much larger than his member – life sure can be cruel sometimes. That said, he did manage to kill the giant Goliath though, so he can’t be a total pansy, but perhaps the Philistine warrior was too amused by his minuscule appendage to be threatened by him, and perhaps that was his final mistake?

I love Italian food. We’ve both been eating a considerable about of pizza for the last few days, on average two in any twenty-four hour period. While I’m not complaining, I’ve already started to become noticeably more rotund. But like they say, when in Rome…. I thought I’d have pasta tonight, got to share my love around all the Italian foods, it’s only fair, I’d hate to show favouritism. Lisa has is labouring under the delusion we’ll be eating healthier once we leave Italy, I haven’t the heart to tell her Austria is going to be hearty Bavarian stews, dumplings and steins of beer – she’ll find out for herself soon enough….




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